Natural dye optained tea for fabrics dying

Our painting process,

Washing, Mordanting and Painting (Each of these process boil for one hour and put on self-cooling)  We wash the fabric first, so that the paint will go over the accumulated dust / stuff to hold it. Mordanting can be done before, during or after painting. In the process, metal salts such as potassium aluminum sulphate, copper sulphate (also known as red rust, which is used to make insects in some plants) and iron sulphate can be used in the process. While it does not affect the screed color, copper sulphate grows, brownish to iron sulphate. These metal salts are attached to the fabric fiber and the natural dye binds to these salts, thus increasing the washing strength and producing long-lasting colors. The used mordanting materials promise a cleaner future with an environmentally friendly approach that is well below standards (less than 2%). Extremely soft and high quality cotton fabrics are painted in our own laboratory in Kahramanmaraş with natural dyes prepared from tea extract in Tirebolu/Giresun.

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